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Meeting up with old friends [Jan. 15th, 2007|01:19 pm]
The Dark Line

Set folded his arms across his chest as he stood at the corner near a cafe waiting for Shizuka, trying for the sake of pride to keep from shivering. It was absolutely freezing and he could not help but think of what the weather must be like back in Egypt as the frigid wind bit at him.

At the sight of the pretty young girl approaching, the priest felt his lips pull naturally into a bit of a smile. Not only was he happy to see her, but he was delighted at the idea of choosing a destination with her and getting inside.

"Hello, Shizuka." He said easily, trying not to sound as cold as he felt.
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Thanksgiving [Nov. 16th, 2006|05:38 pm]
The Dark Line

Yuugi lead the way to the door of Pegasus' appartment, delighted that he was able to smell the food before the door was in sight, bringing back fond memories of Thanksgiving the Pegasus the previous year. It was too bad that Yami would not be able to join them this time.

He glanced back at Set and Mokuba, the raven-haired boy holding the priest's hand as they walked. Yuugi frowned as he noticed the look on Mokuba's face was one he was coming to recognize very easily - a very distant, haunted, pained look that came to his features from time to time. Hopefully, though, the additional company and experience of the holiday would help to keep Mokuba happy, at least for a while.

Before he realized he was doing so, Yuugi knocked on Pegasus' door.

[Tag, Pegasus]
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OOC: Hiatus/stepping down [Nov. 16th, 2006|06:38 am]
The Dark Line

As announced about a month ago, I've been planning to go on hiatus round about now, since I'm off to Italy and will have uncertain net access. I'll be gone at least until Christmas, probably longer.

However, since it seems selfish to expect LLS to do without a Seto for that long, I've decided to step down. That way, should any passing Seto-muns express an interest, the role is free for the taking. Should it still be available when I return, well... that's something to be considered then ^^

I'm leaving on Saturday, and will be available, off and on, until Friday, at least. I'll try to finish the threads I'm in now. I've enjoyed playing with each and every one of you - thank you for lots of interesting and fun interaction!
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CEO-napping [Nov. 15th, 2006|10:13 am]
The Dark Line

He scowled at the computer screen, trying to concentrate. It was late, and there were too many things about which to be worried, these days. Mokuba's mental health, Set's emotional state, the humiliation following the exposure of his involvement with Dark Bakura, and the minor inconvenience that was Tenma Yakou's persistent attempts at taking over Kaiba Corporation. Mercifully, he could work through the night, in blessed, uninterrupted silence.

He blinked and looked up. Footsteps were approaching, where no footsteps should be. He got to his feet.

[Tag, oh evil henchman, about to change the fashion regarding which Kaiba brother is up for grabs]
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(no subject) [Nov. 13th, 2006|05:38 pm]
The Dark Line

[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Tenma had so generously offered to help Anzu with her English, and he was trying to make up for his problems in the past - How could she refuse? Still, she had promised Pegasus she would stay on her toes, and she was definitely planning on it. He had kidnapped her, he was known for bad things. She wasn't stupid, but trying to be forgiving.

She slowed in the buttoning of her shirt, musing over this. Yes, forgiving. That was a good thing to be, a good thing she was going out with him, but Pegasus seemed so bothered by the thought... She frowned and shook her head. It was silly to worry about it. It would be fine, and if it wasn't, well, she wouldn't be caught totally off guard. She could take care of herself, and she knew it.

With this, she moved out to the couch and settled down on it to rest wait for him to come by.

(Tag, Tenma! :O )
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The Peak Lounge, Shinjuku District [Nov. 12th, 2006|06:30 pm]
The Dark Line
He'd wasted too much time already this evening, Pegasus felt; he'd wasted it at home, having to pry every tiny detail out of his lover(!) and his houseguest(!) about how they'd betrayed him together, and were now expecting a baby; he'd wasted it afterward, having to work far harder than he ought to have to make them leave his apartment; and he'd wasted it here at the Peak Lounge, fending off arguments and random insults from Kaiba on the computer when by rights he ought to have been drinking enough sake to forget all about the whole miserable day.

He'd finally just logged off, and paid the man behind the bar for his time; at least he'd got one thing out of it, Nosaka Miho was coming down here to join him, and if there was anyone in this town who should be able to help a man forget his troubles, she was certainly the one to do it.

Knowing Ribbon-chan, she could probably confuse him into forgetting his name and address as well. And she wouldn't need alcohol to do help her do it.

She was going to have it though, Pegasus had already finished a decanter of sake, and another was on its way to his table. He was going to have fun tonight; forget that he'd lost a friend and a lover -- Not to mention the two of his roommates that he actually enjoyed having around -- in one afternoon; forget that his lover was someplace on the other side of town right now torturing a little boy, and the girl was probably crying her eyes out in a gutter. All Pegasus wanted was some fun, and whichever one got to him first, Ribbon-chan or the sake, by god he was going to get it.

[Tag, lovely Ribbon XD]
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Home at Last [Nov. 12th, 2006|05:38 pm]
The Dark Line

The door of the black van opened and one of the large, silent men gestured with a nod for Mokuba to get out. The boy did not need to be told twice.

Mokuba shakily climbed out of the vehicle and swallowed, the sight of his own house sending a shiver down his spine. It felt like it had been ages since he'd been home. He glanced once behind him as Yami no Malik's men drove off and then started trudging his way to the house from the front gate.

He looked absolutely terrible. His clothes were torn and horribly stained with blood. He was filthy, smudged with dirt and specked with dried blood. Not to mention that he had paled and had a slightly distant, haunted look to his gaze.

As he walked, Mokuba overheard one of the guards on his phone, undoubtedly informing Seto of Mokuba's presence, before he rushed to Mokuba. The boy answered his questions with simple nods and kept walking, far too eager to see his brother to intricately answer questions about his well-being.

((Tag, Seto))
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Coming Home [Nov. 8th, 2006|07:03 am]
The Dark Line

Set gripped the arms of his seat as the plane began to land, not out of the common fear but from anxiety about the situation he was coming home to. He'd been in the middle of a museum when Kojiro took him aside for a moment and told him the details of the phonecall he'd gotten from Seto. Of course, Set insisted on flying home to be with his boyfriend immediately.

It was almost painful to leave Egypt, he'd gotten so used to simply being there again in a short time, but Seto needed him. In fact, the idea of returning home and having Mokuba simply not be there was rather chilling.

Before he realized it, his plane was slowing to a stop on the runway. Swallowing hard, trying to mentally prepare himself for all the support he would need to provide, the priest pulled his bag up onto his shoulder and made his way down the stairs, almost certain that Seto would already be there waiting for him.

[Tag, Seto]
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An Undesired Confession [Nov. 5th, 2006|10:07 am]
The Dark Line

Shizuka huddled into her coat as she walked home from school. Home; it was still strange thinking of Pegasus' place as home. Though she usually walked briskly, wanting to beat the cold and get back as soon as she could to finish up her homework and watch some television, her feet dragged, and she found that she was walking slower and slower with every block. Tension tightened her shoulders and her eyes never lifted from the sidewalk.

He's going to kill me...

The thought had been running through her mind the entire day at school, blocking out the lessons and distracting her from a test, and she simply could not stop worrying. He wasn't going to like the news, not one little bit, and she had a bad feeling she would soon have to beg her mother to let her come back.

The building came into view, large and imposing, looking colder and harsher than she remembered though she was certain it was just her imagination. Shizuka came to a dead stop outside of the front door, staring at her reflection in the streak-free glass, taking in her pale skin and red-rimmed eyes.

I could turn around right now...go to okaa-san's...never speak to either of them again...

But she knew that wasn't an option. Hesitantly, lacking any sort of conviction in her movements, she made her way into the building and up to the apartment, opening the door. She heard the sound of the television and her ears strained, trying to catch any unfamiliar voices.

After standing in the foyer for several minutes, Shizuka shed her coat, dropping her backpack onto the ground and toeing off her shoes. Padding into the living room, she saw him sprawled out on the couch, looking dangerously beautiful.

He's going to kill me.

"Malik-san?" she asked, flinching slightly when those flat violet eyes focused on her. "I need to speak to you."

[Tag, Malik]
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[OOC] A sort-of hiatus [Oct. 31st, 2006|11:44 pm]
The Dark Line

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[music |U2 - Angel of Harlem]

Well, my main computer decided to die on me again. ^^; I think it's back on its feet again, but most of my files have been deleted, along with the web browser I use primarily for roleplaying, so... er, yeah. I've also signed up for NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month), so I'm going to be pretty busy through November.

I'll still be around, but replies may be slow yet again. My apologies to everyone. :/
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